PMU Policies



Cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you need to cancel please provide at least 48 hours.  If you cancel without at least a 48 hour notice, your deposit will not be refunded.

Please be to your appointment on time, if you are running late, call or text.  If you are late, 10 minutes or more without notice, you may be asked to reschedule and a cancellation fee will be accessed.

If you need to reschedule, please do so within 24-48 hours to avoid additional charges.

No children allowed at appointments. Clients can bring one adult guest that may wait in waiting area.

*If you have previous permanent cosmetics, you must first set up a consultation or send pictures. You may call (artist number) to make that consultation appointment. If you book an appointment without a consultation, you will be asked to reschedule. *Prices may increase if a color correction is needed.

Touch-up prices are not available for first-time permanent makeup sessions.  If you have work done by another artist you will still be charged the initial session fee for your first visit. You will receive touch up prices after initial session.

We will book your follow up appointment at your first session. Follow up will be two months after the date of your first session.  All PMU services take two sessions, follow up is not included in initial price. Please see price list details for additional touch up pricing.

If you intake nicotine products, your tattoo may fade quicker and heal more ashy toned.

*DO NOT BOOK IF YOU ARE PREGNANT (If breastfeeding must Pump/Dump 48 hours after appointment.



No guarantees or refunds. Healing will vary person to person, it is important to read all policies and pre-care prior to booking. We will provide you with best practices and a post-care mini package so that your brows heal as perfect as possible! Results will vary.

You will be asked to review Policies, Pricing and Pre/Post Care prior to appointment. If you accept these policies, pricing and care, you are agreeing to those listed above and all pre-care/ post-care terms. You will be asked to fill out an agreement when you arrive to your appointment.