What to expect...

Congratulations on your new permanent makeup! You are looking FABULOUS! I know this is a lot of information to take in and to remember! Some of this may even disrupt areas in your everyday life style, but I cannot express enough how important your Pre/Post Care is! Your tattoos will NOT heal properly if you do/don't do any of the above...and it will be a sad day when your permanent makeup doesn't heal properly. Failure to adhere to these pre/post care instructions may result to infections or poorly healed results. This is an investment, so INVEST.

Your tattoo will go through a few stages, don't worry, these stages are normal, and in the end will all be worth it! There will be minor scabbing and flaking (which will vary), since your skin is trying to repair itself, essentially. As your skin heals, you might notice fading. The pigment will show back through shortly, and after your second session, your permanent makeup will be complete!

Everyone is different. Everyone will heal differently. I will do my BEST to meet your expectations, and accommodate as many people as I can. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or message me!

Thank you for trusting me with your gorgeous face! Below is a fun chart further explaining your full healing process! (Results may vary)


  • Clean lymph fluid for the first 2 hours by patting with dry tissue often

  • Cleanse eyebrows gently in the direction of hair growth twice a day for 7-10 days. Dampen a cotton square or tissue with cold water and one pump of cleanser, do not scrub or be harsh while cleaning them

  • After cleansing brow area, use aftercare ointment, also, 2 times daily for the first 7-10 days. Apply a rice size amount (should be hardly noticeable on them) with Q-tip or clean fingers.

  • Aftercare should last for both of your sessions. If you lose it, or run out (which you shouldn't) before your second session, it will be $25 for a new bottle and ointment

  • Avoid tanning or any sun exposure, hot yoga, saunas, hot tubs, etc. for 3 weeks after your microblading appointment (UV exposure will cause tattoo to fade faster and turn ashy)

  • Must stop using any Retinols, Glycolic Acid, AHA creams or any harsh facial cleansers for 4 weeks post appointment

  • Avoid getting eyebrows wet, or being submerged in water for 10 days

  • DO NOT PICK THEM, let them naturally fall if scabbing occurs

  • No facials, Botox, fillers, Microderms, or chemical peels after first session, and not for 4 weeks after your SECOND session

  • No makeup for 10 days

  • Avoid sweating or steam for at least 10 days

  • Sleep on a clean pillow case after sessions, and try not to sleep on your side (I know, I's the little things)